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I like

1st time i saw thee olde * artist interacting with the drawing* routine was about a bazillion years ago in a WB cartoon, i liked it then, i like it now.
graphics= so/so
humor= f**kin hilarious
you are using some nice techniques in there, theres definately talent there, and I like this concept
overall>6 vote> 3


best part of this was the broad jumping off the building, as far as the no-sync with the music/animation, i didnt think it was too bad, but try making the track *streaming*
hey, im just glad you didnt use the song WOO HOO
its not total crap, but theres alotta room for improvement

mongoliandeathwurm responds:

Thanks man. Problem is i cant stream the music because the scenes were seperated. Maybe i'll try other things.

not too shabby

music goes perfectly with the theme, my favorite part was the animated dots and lines near the end, it moved very well/smooth.
the skater, the board, and the backrounds were less interesting, but the movement of the skater was decent, especially if its mostly FBF.
i would watch the next one you submit :)

Misfitblob responds:

Thanks :D

Actualy, the next movie I will be submitting is a collab with Jestar, so be sure to check it out.

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Gobsin! Classic!

stage diving for points, and the guitar brand name parodies
( Gobsin lmao)
i liked it, well done man

pretty good

i liked the menu screen, very well put together, i dont like mouse avoid games too much but im not rating based on that, i think it LOOKED great, the menu, the game, all of it. the sound was pretty good too,i would guess that anyone whos into mouse-avoid games would dig this, definately.

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